JE - Johnny's Shop + Tegomasu & Playzone09 Orders


[EDIT: 17.08.2009] Items ready for collection. Emails have been sent to everyone, please email me if you did not get my email, thank you!


Hello JE fans
I am going to take orders for the standard JE items & New J Shop photos (2009 photos onward) available at the Johnny's Shop as well as Tegomasu Summer Concert 2009. I might do orders for the new shop photos or Goods for the other concerts/butais too (Playzone/Nino's butai/Coming Century/Exile/Kansai Jrs Butai), if response is good, so do email me match1608@gmail.com for enquires or concerns which have not been addressed in this post =) I'll try to revert to you asap.

Kindly note that prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and marked up a bit as we have to queue up and lug the stuff around, so its a nice incentive to look forward to =) Just for your reference go to http://www.xe.com/ucc/ to check the exchange rates. Prices do NOT include shipping & handling yet. confirmation and payment deadline is 25th July 2009  

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Deadline for payment: 25th July 2009 (Payment MUST reach by 1am Japan Time)
Ship out date: By 16th Aug 2009, Goods will be shipped out from Japan (Upon Full payment)
Should there be any unforeseen delays, I will email you to inform and goods will be shipped out asap once rectified.


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[Stage Play] Playzone 2009

Taipi inside XD

As per xiang,


all Kis-My-Ft2
内 博貴







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[Scan] Bidan - 090200 - Ebikisu 17pages

There are some marks on the scanner...but i can't clean those without looking as if i'm scanning official office documents so.... let's do with this version first? =)

omg hahaha .... ROAR XD XD XD XD
*going mad coz boys all look SO GOOD.... by the way, Yuichi was on the cover of this bidan*


Credits: match1608
Can be used with proper crediting, just don't steal and claim scans as own.

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[Set List + Audio] Ebikisu Yokohama Concert 12th Oct 08, 4PM - Third Show

3rd Show Set List (Guest: Nakama Junta & Tanaka Koki)

Audio might be added later
Audio Added. 
Please respect and do NOT reupload/claim credit on anything in this post, anywhere else.
If you need or want something, ask? =) Entry will be locked in a week from original post.... 


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