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[Pre-order] Official J Shop Photos

This is very last minute, I'm doing Official Shop Photo orders for ANY JE groups/boy. As long as it was released within the last 6 months (May 2009 onward), the photo is likely to be available at the shop - I should be able to get them. There will be other photos which were released for more than 6 months and still available in the shop, but those won't apply to the more popular groups. If you want penlights/mini group uchiwa/photoalbums/etc, as long as they sell it at the Official shop when I'm there, you'll be able to pre-order it from me. See here for cost of item. I will be shipping out from Singapore 23rd Dec onwards. There is no shipping fee if you chose to meet me in Singapore. Details below.

Deadline for Confirmation & Payment is 12 AM Singapore time: 16 DEC 2009 (UTC/GMT +8 hours)
*for slow people like me,i think that means.. tuesday 11pm ... going to 12midnight.. anytime before 11.59PM on tuesday 15th Dec = OK. Anytime after Wed 12.01AM = pass deadline, wakaru? arigatou*

☆Calculation of Cost: [(1) + (2)] + (3)
(1) Price of Pre-order photo:
※ 1 ~ 9 Photos: 4.50SGD Each
※ 10 ~ 19 Photos: 4SGD Each
※ 20 & Above: 3.50SGD Each
(2) Price of Shipping & Handling:
※For Non meet ups (postage to you from Singapore) Please add 15SGD. After posting the photos I will refund you any extras. Likewise if your shipping & handling is more than 15SGD, you will have to pay me the extra.
※For meet ups in Singapore (Bradell/Raffles Place/Orchard) : No shipping & Handling Fee
(3) Paypal's comission = 5% of amount
※Payment by Paypal: (3) =[(1) + (2)] x 0.05
※Payment by DBS/POSB/UOB: (3) = No Fee

■□Example■□: You want 14 Photos & need postage & by paypal: [(14 x 4SGD) + 15SGD = 71SGD] x 1.05 = 74.55SGD
Or: You want 22 Photos & meeting up: (22 x 3.50SGD) + 0SGD = 77SGD

☆If you want something from the shop, here's what to do:
- Email me with:
★ A photo/s of what you want, individual photos or zipped/rar-ed is fine (I don't care how you do it, crop it, cut it out, whatever as long as it's an individual image file per photo. Please DO NOT email me an image of 10 photos & tell me "I want the 2nd row, 3rd one, 4th row 2nd one". Do not circle them. I do no have time if everyone does that and I do not want to buy the wrong photo for you k? Please be nice to me =D )
★ Your Real Name
★ Your LJ Name
★ The number of photos you want & the calculated cost (as above)
★ If you need the photos to be posted to you, Your mailing address
★ If you are meeting me, Your mobile phone number
★ Your Mode of payment (Paypal/POSB/DBS/UOB Bank transfer)
※For Paypal: Please let me know your paypal address too so I don't have to verify again via email
◇My paypal address:
※For DBS/POSB/UOB users: Let me know if you are doing the transfer by Internet Banking or ATM + let me know your bank account number
◇My DBS Savings Plus Account (can be used for transfers from POSB or DBS) 100-000- 5653
◇My UOB Savings Account: 217-145-039-1
★And lastly, the time of your transfer/payment

△ I trust the calculation above is clear? Let's do this in the quickest way possible, you email me what you want + pay, Once I check your payment is within deadline, your order is confirmed. I will not run away with your money, I still want to remain friends with my online friends and don't want to risk the police knocking on my door so please don't sabotage me.
△ If your order is late, I will just not take your order and refund you accordingly.
△ But once order is confirmed (meaning you've paid + I emailed you back the confirmation), no backing outbecause I might not be able to check email at Tokyo.
△ For NEWS, Arashi Photos: If you want any photo which is released more than 6 months ago (Before May 2009), there is a chance I might not able to get it. So please limit the photos to the latest photos released AFTER May 2009.
△ For Jrs, HSJump, TakkiTsuba: For this 3, there SHOULD be 2008 photos, you can pre-order those too.
△ For all others, please limit to only 2009 released photos.
△ If I am unable to get any of the photo you want, I will refund accordingly. Example: You want 11 photos, therefore you paid: 11 x 4SGD = 44SGD. J Shop does not have 2 photos, therefore you have to pay: 9 x 4.50SGD = 40.50SGD. I will refund you 3.50SGD.
△ Postage will be Registered Airmail
△ Mass Meet up on a Saturday afternoon most likely at Orchard
△ If you cannot make it then, you can meet me at my convinence at Raffles MRT after my work, or Orchard Mrt on certain weekdays, or if you can, Bradell MRT.
△ I will NOT go to Jurong/Pasir Ris/whereever else unless you want to pay me 10SGD for the travelling + time I need to make to pass you the photos. I suggest that if you are unable to meet up during the mass meet or individually, you take the postage option. Registered mail + posting within Singapore is less than 5SGD unless you order alot of things and the items are heavy.
△ I think that's all? You can email me match1608 @ gmail . com to clarify/tell me things like "I think there are Kattun photos up til xxx 2009 only" or "I don't understand what you mean by ...." << =D
(Please spare me and don't ask me "How much do I pay if I order 15 photos from you?" or "If I order 19 photos, can you charge me 3.50SGD each photo" or "What is paypal" or "How do I make payment? Can you teach me?". I probably do not have time to reply your email if you ask me those questions and you make me feel bad if I don't answer your email... << =(

Please do not comment in my LJ, I cannot access LJ in the office, but if you email me, I will reply you very fast as long as I am awake! Thank you!

By the way, read this if you have time and have not already (not complaining, just letting you know the process and pain it might take):

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