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[Magazine Sales] - Kindly note (For S&H Inclusive)

Kindly note the general terms of my Magazine sales (Shipping & Handling Inclusive):

1) All magazines are in tact with posters/freebies/no torn pages unless otherwise stated
2) Selling at: SGD10 = I will sell at SGD10.
If you are the first person who emails wanting that item, item is on hold for you until you make payment.
3) Bidding starts at: SGD10 = I will sell at any amount SGD10 and ABOVE.
- Reason being that the magazine is either difficult to get/in very good condition/never opened before, or just plain precious to me.
E.g.: In your email, you say you want
"19) [Kinema Junpo - Mar 2008]
Cover: Yamapi, Bidding starts at: SGD22",
- Tell me how much you want to pay for this magazine(e.g.Ï am willing to pay SGD25 for this).
- It is going to be closed bidding system(meaning I will not inform you or post in LJ how much the highest bid is) so that people will only quote how much they are willing to pay.
- No deadline, I will revert to your email within 24hours if the item is on hold for you or no longer available. I will sell to whoever I think makes this transaction a worthwhile one or looks like she'll really treasure the magazine.
4) For both cases, you have up to 24hours to make a payment after I reply your email with a confirmation that the item is on hold for you. Kindly let me know if you are unable to make the deadline, I'll see if I can extend it for you. If you do not pay within 24hours AND you do not reply within 24hours that you are not able to meet the deadline, the item may go back up on sale, or go to the next person who has shown interest/2nd highest bidder.
5) Kindly let me know if you are no longer interested in the item/not able to meet deadline instead of me having to chase after you.
6) All prices stated here INCLUDE Shipping & Handling & Registered mail. There will be no extra charges other then the stated amount, UNLESS you want your shipping to be done by EMS instead of Registered Airmail.
7) I ship from Singapore to worldwide
8) For overseas shipping, I use Registered Airmail.
9) Within Singapore, I will send the magazines as Registered mail.
- If Singaporeans want a meet up, its ONLY at Bradell MRT (No shipping & handling for this case, just pay  for the magazine)
10) Payment Methods:
(A) Paypal: Buyer bears paypal commision
(B) Western Union
(C) POSB/DBS or UOB Bank Transfer (for Singaporeans)

Kindly email me at use this Ordering Format-
Your email:
LJ Name:
Real Name:
Country & State:
Payment Method: Paypal/Western Union/POSB/DBS/UOB
Magazine you want: (example)
- No.2 & No.4 & No.19 (willing to pay 25SGD)

Thank you for reading this post!


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