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Lao Yu Sheng / Lou Hei (Toss Raw Fish???)

I don't know how to translat this to english.. But I thought of doing this entry coz I've already eaten this 4 times this year and it's only the eve of lunar new year.. I think I might break my personal record of eating this dish this year if I continue to Lao Yu Sheng at this rate I'm going...maybe the more I eat this, the better my 2010

I think I should explain this a bit-
During the Lunar New Year (is it only in Singapore? Maybe in Malaysia too. Not sure if its the same in tw/hk/china...)
We will Lao Yu Sheng on the 7th day of the Lunar New Year. It's known as "Ren Ri - 人日" It's like, "every man's birthday". So its erm, considered as everyone's birthday. Anyway, we usually don't end up eating it only on the 7th day of the Lunar New Year.
This dish consists of Raw Slice Fish (kinda like sashimi ne, only very thinly sliced ^__^ ), some other sliced cucumber, carrot, radish, pickled ginger , cripsy cracker thingy.. pulm sauce, cooking oil..Its like a huge salad really. Yu (Fish in chinese) sounds like "Abundunce", and Sheng sounds like "Life" (生/身)so the Chinese love these auspicious sounding stuff coz this ends up sounding like "Abundance of life/wealth".. anyway.
Then we erm, toss them together in a huge plate. For us Cantonese, the action of tossing is known as "Lou Hei". This word sounds like it's tossing good fortune, so its good for businesses.. the "hei" sounds like "raise" so, yeah. Good business for everyone!! ^__^ 
I'm getting strangely excited here. I'm normall not like that when it comes to the traditional chinese stuff. oh well.
Before we toss them, there are some nice sounding chinese idoims or what do they call it, homonyms? that we say while adding the ingredients to the plate, stuff like prosperity & longevity... Like how the crispy cracker thing looks like gold, so when its poured over the "salad" we will say Pian Di Huang Jin /Huang Jin Man Di (Gold all over the floor)-my personal favourite.. hahaha. Then they have the sweet sauce, we'll say "Tian Tian Mi Mi (Sweet... sweet...lovey dovey??)  Lots of other stuff, I'm can't remember all.. erm, ok, so to some pictures!

 I forgot to tilt the photo back.. This is how it is initally served.

 Plum sauce .. & lots of other added.. too many pictures to upload >,<

 Final product

 Tossing! We usually say stuff like "Shen Ti Jian Kang (healthy body..)" and hahah for singaporeans "Hit the lottery!", "More Money Less Work!" haha and because I'm in the claims department where our clients only submit medical claims or death claims, we'll be like "For our clients to be healthy!!" so that we dont' get so many claims submission which means less work for us.. ^___^ "

Happy Lunur New Year to everyone, even if you don't usually celebrate it! May our wishes come true and money come rolling towards us, be healthy and be happy too ^_____^
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